Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide? More like Ned's AWESOME AWESOMETOWN AWESOMELY Guide

Just another reason on the long list of reasons to love Netflix.  Recently, they added all three seasons of Ned's Delcassified School Survival Guide to their Watch Instantly.  I've always been a fan of the "teen tv-shows" that Disney and Nickelodeon put out, but I always remembered this one being the best.  

Good to know I was right.

This show is still fantastic.  It's parodies itself while working as the thing it's actually parodying.  What?  I know.


  1. I'll admit, if I'm really bored and this is on TV, I watch it, it's actually pretty funny.

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  3. Going up man, this show was the best thing out there.

  4. Haha I got netflix too, guess I'll check it out

  5. I watched a couple of episodes when it came out, that show SUCKS. Better off with Icarly, if anything. (And WTF is with this "let's give fred a movie deal" thing?)

    Weeds, Dexter, and Gravity are the shows you should be watching on netflix.

  6. definitely need this, school be scary bro

  7. I generally hate the disney shows but I must say that the quirky humor got me for this one. Used to watch it back in the day.

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  8. I nostalgia'd Hard I remember watching This A while ago