Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tales From Beneath Your Mom

Blink-182 is the first band I ever remember really liking.  To this day I'll argue that The Mark, Tom and Travis Show is one of, if not the best live albums ever; improving on songs in every possible way while including side-splitting "stand up" between them.  They were supposed to be the first band I ever saw live; I had my tickets and everything.  If I recall, it was supposed to be in September.  I think the 12th.  Back in 2001.

We ended up not making the show, due to unforeseeable events on the day proceeding the concerts.

When they announced they were coming out with a book I was beyond excited -- and scared; does this mean I'd actually have to learn how to read?  Fortunately, the words were small enough for my young mind to comprehend and I was treated with an extremely enjoyable read -- I think.

I actually don't remember much about the book.  I remember bits and pieces, like the part where, after screen-printing their own t-shirts, and realizing that they had burnt their fingerprints off in the process, they went on a rampant "crime spree" (as much of a crime spree as three jerk-offs from a shitty band could pull off).  But not much else.

Did anyone else read this?  Does it hold any value for anyone outside of fans?  Or is it just the moronic ramblings of a band that refuses to grow up?

Please note: I still love this band.  I love everything about them and I'm beyond stoked to see what their new album will sound like.


  1. oh the times when making fun of backstreet boys was fun.

  2. You have quite a treasure there in that horadric cube.

  3. Man, Blink makes me Nostalgia sooo hard. Rock Show was playing in the background the very first time I kissed a girl.

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  5. man i haven't listened the blink 182 in ages, time to get on youtube... keep up the good work

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  7. I like a few of their songs, but I wouldn't call myself a fan.

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